My name is Massimo and I am from Italy but now living in the Canary Islands due to my life change.

I am married to a beautiful Venezuelan woman and I am a proud father of a 3-year-old-rock-&-roll-baby.

When I am not working on my online business I love spending time with my family as I am a 100% compromised father. I choose to change my life, leaving my well paid 9-5 job and all my financial certainties, about 2 years ago. Just to earn more time to spend with mine.

Time. Not money.

Time to see – on stage – growing my child. Time to play with him. Time to fix stuff. Time to dream big with my family.

I’ve been spending more than 25 years in the Advertising and Creative industry and I’ve never stopped running.

I’ve been learned how to win prizes but not how to be respectful of my self, becoming just another slave to the system. I’ve been finally realised that I will never be another employee anymore so I’ve started to convert my marketing acknowledgement from the traditional to the online world.


My doors f perception were finally open and in their entire beautifulness! I was able to see an ocean of opportunities. So I’ve started to approach Blogging, SEO consultation, CPA, Affiliate and the Social Media marketing.

That’s when I’ve got the idea to lunch Internet Marketing Boom!

A unique, niche-oriented platform that gives the opportunity to all marketers out there to avoid wasting time looking for the perfect deal and be able to earn back time to spend on their favourite affairs.

Here you will find an honest and clean point of view about the Online Marketing practice. All the reviews, the method, the content related actions you will reach on this website are extremely curated in their selection with the only mission to offer you – only – full valuables information.

If you are looking for a start or a way to finally begin to make money online and live your dream, this is your place. If you have any questions then feel free to leave a comment and I will always get back to you.

To Your Success,